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13 February 2011 @ 09:04 pm
It's seriously just love... o-o;;; I guess....Collapse )

But writing this is so random and so much fun ;D especially about these kind of things~ 
even though they're so supa random xD
20 January 2011 @ 11:20 pm
Finally I had time to write about my new/re-newed obsession; Square Enix <33333 

Seriously I love them for all the trailers on the department they made~ ;w; 

I really loved them all, and what's more important; 

just another year, and i finally can play FF versus XIII <33333 

i was so upper happy when they said it will be for the PS3 only 'cause there were rumors before i buyed my PS3, that versus will be xbox360 only... .___.'' but i'm glad because of the quality the game will have (german; Ich bin einfach ne rundum Grafikhure xD) and the whole thing they can make with the PS3 (and I kind of hope that they'll made (even it's for PS3 XD) more than just one blue-ray disk xD) *A* Also the battle system seems nearly perfect (so does the enviroment xD) and too complicated for a simple minded girl like me 8'''D 
 the only thing that i ... well... dislike/hate is the va from noctis xD (it's viscount druitt's voice from kuroshitsuji... WTH) 

About Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2; I finally understand why so many people hate it :/ I have to say that I'd never quite understand it but now, after i've seen the new versus trailer.... they'll work now at least 8 years on it.... (2006 they just showed the first trailer xD) and for FF XIII it began 2005 = 6 years... It's just that I read now too, that they did cut the whole plot (now I get it why it was that confussing o__o seriously because of some Fal'Cie's that weren't explained in the game i had to search the story online ...WTF... a RGB is supposed to tell the whole story of a game and not just a part of it (just when it's planned to make it confussing because they want to make another one, but the end didn't seem like that original... xD)) and that they could make another game with the plot the didn't use = FF XIII-2?! I don't think they'll release the rest plot they already left out but i think there are some things from a plot we all didn't know yet xD Anyways; Can't wait for that game too but i'm more interessted in Verus and that's why I still think that they have to release it faster...

And about Dissidia DUOCEDICIM (I guess i wrote it wrong again lol, i just CAN'T remember that fail-ish name XD;)... I already ordered the special collection here in germany 8'''D I still play the first part of it nearly everyday ... and that since one year ago XDD -shot-
And now they have special moves and everything *--* even though it's kinda weird that she summons the .... bestias instead of using her revolver from the second part of the game e_o''' but i'm happy that it isn't slutty at all 8''D And Vaan is in it too <3 and Laguna X'3 

And about Type-0.... Just one thought; I GUESS IT'S TOO DIFFICULT FOR ME, BUT GUESS WHAT; 

I don't care and play it ;D 8D


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24 December 2010 @ 01:24 am
[00:47:48] Katharina: XDD LOL
[00:47:58] Katharina: ich schreib auch nur noch lol i.wie ;-;
[00:48:00] Katharina: Dx
[00:48:08] Katharina: ich brauch ein neues LOL in meinem leben XD
[00:49:01] ;; DENNIS: LAMBO
[00:49:03] ;; DENNIS: 8D
[00:49:15] Katharina: XDD LO- ich mein Lambo ja XD
[00:49:25] ;; DENNIS: XDDDDDD
[00:49:27] ;; DENNIS: rofl
[00:49:45] Katharina: is doch wahr eyy XD ich benutze lol viiiel zu oft XD -altagswort- XD
[00:50:04 | Edited 00:50:05] ;; DENNIS: ich auch xD

aber man kann nichts dagegen machen xD
[00:50:31] Katharina: ..... naja... aber ich überlege (ich wollt erst überleben schreiben e__e''' XD) wenigstens 8-|
[00:50:39] Katharina: -shot-
[00:52:08] ;; DENNIS: überleben XDDDDd

das tun wir eh schon alle e___e
unser leben is wie die freie wildbahn XD
[00:52:31] Katharina: xDD LMAO wie geil :'''D
wir sind die wildschweine oder die braunbren dann? XD
[00:52:49] Katharina: *braunbären X
[00:52:51] Katharina: *XD
[00:53:02] Katharina: scheiße ich fail grad voll in der grammatik XD
[00:56:55] ;; DENNIS: (y)
[00:56:56] ;; DENNIS: XDDDDD
[00:57:15] ;; DENNIS: du bist das schwein ... ich der bär XDDDD

ok ? 8DDD'
[00:57:27] Katharina: danke..... ich bin eh im jahr des schweins geboren ;A;
[00:57:35] Katharina: zumindest in china XD
[00:57:45] Katharina: aber wenigstens bin ich dann schlauer 8D MUHAHAHA
[00:57:51] ;; DENNIS: XDDD eben :P

ich bin ein alter gockel LOL
[00:57:54] Katharina: xDDD
[00:57:56] ;; DENNIS: pfffft
[00:58:00] ;; DENNIS: xD
[00:58:06] Katharina: LOL du hast mir voll unbewusst zugestimmt XD
[00:58:07] Katharina: -wenn das grammatisch richtig ist XD-
[00:58:27] ;; DENNIS: .. hab ich das?
[00:58:27] ;; DENNIS: xD
[00:58:44] Katharina: [00:57:45] Katharina: aber wenigstens bin ich dann schlauer 8D MUHAHAHA
[00:57:51] ;; DENNIS: XDDD eben :P
[00:58:46] Katharina: xDDD
[00:58:49] Katharina: DA 8D
[00:58:53] Katharina: der beweis XD
[00:58:59] Katharina: -sich das morgen ausdruck XD
[01:00:11] Katharina: aber schweine sind allgemein bekannt schlau o:
[01:00:12] Katharina: XDD
[01:00:15] Katharina: BWAHAHA
[01:00:28] Katharina: ICH BIN SO SCHLAU -schreibt regelmäßig nur durchschnittliche arbeiten XD-
[01:03:14] ;; DENNIS: O:

LOL is mir gar nich aufgefallen XDDDD

ich wett morgen funzt der drucker dann nich mehr >8D
... naja ..hähne sind eigentlich bekannt für ihre intelligenz ... und ihre pionier eigenschaften ... und ihre .... exzentrik LOL

... -sagt der der ein hahn is aber nur 4 oder 3 schreibt LOL-
[01:03:15] ;; DENNIS: xD
[01:04:17] Katharina: ich dachte du wärst der bär o-o -facepalm- XD
[01:04:21] Katharina: ACHSOOO
[01:04:26] Katharina: ich habs geschnallt...
[01:04:28] Katharina: XD
[01:04:29] ;; DENNIS: ....
[01:04:31] ;; DENNIS: xD
[01:04:32] Katharina: -fail-
[01:04:33] Katharina: X'D
[01:04:45] Katharina: ich hab mit angefangen und habs nich geschnallt XD
[01:04:48] Katharina: ich bin nur ne schwein...
[01:04:51] Katharina: XD
[01:04:57] ;; DENNIS: XDDDDD
[01:05:52] Katharina: -auf yt channel kopier 8''|-

wenn schon nich ausdrucken und sei froh drum das dank unserer geilen grammatik eh kein schwein das lesen kann der nich deutsch bis zur AHEM PERFEKTION beherrscht 8-|

ich hab gemerkt das ich schon wd einen fehler in den satzbau reingemacht habe .__.
[01:07:47] Katharina: weihnachten hat mein gehirn getötet
[01:07:50] Katharina: XD 
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22 December 2010 @ 02:46 pm
 awwww, so i finally finished everything what is important for christmas (except for apologizing ... my grandma is still kind of angry i think .__.'') and for my cosplay (what's more important than anything at the moment 8D)! <3 
seriously i'll die before i finally get it. i'm soooo hyper because of it and i didn't sleep for 3 days already because of that (but what's more amazing, i'm not OMEGA pissed beccause i couldn't sleep XD) and still i'm so hyper O____O! and i wish i just could go to school already because the waiting wouldn't be that horrible then... 
i lay for 3 hours today in my bed and just imagined how it would be when i finally get it and then i'm as Serah or Chrome, go in my hometown, everyone: -starres-, i'm: YAY COSPLAY! and everyone else then again: WTF & -starres- 8''''D lol i'm so weird i think...

i found yesterday like 10 links that has something with the cosplay to do e__e (this sentences sounds so wrong XD) and i find again the necklace from serah but it cost..... 280$ -___- i'm so not gonna buy that X'D (my excuse for that is: I'm the Serrah from Epilog Zero: Day 1-6 because i think after day 7 she got arranged with Snow and i want to be snow's wife then (8D) buuuuuuut it cost too much and now we're just a happy couple -shot- XD) but i can make the rest of her accesoires... 'cept for that stupid earrings ;A; i blame myself for beeing such a perfectionist with things like that Dx

and it's the 3rd post already that has something to do with ma cosplay D8 

btw i finally managed to be happy with the things i buy and i have like 150€ left of my savings 8D -is proud now- 
okay... i'll stop now 8| i'll write more in the future about my cosplay for sure so i'll left now X'D

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21 December 2010 @ 03:33 pm
 This Serah cosplay I found is awesome too.. 
And I want the Law & Luffy figures now... 

But this Serah cosplay is seriously really awesome..
and so casual...

I think I want it... 
 xD -fail-
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you may know that me and my friend will import with lots of money many things from the US...

from many different fandoms...

with a limited (also high but extremly limited) amount of money...


I want the one with Ace and Luffy from the very start... 

BUT now they have a figure with Luffy and Law ;w; 

and i love Ace & Law & Luffy with a passion that is nearly sick and unhealthy... 

Whatever i'm pretty excited because of the import stuff and i'm also pretty excited how i'll look like in my cosplay (even though i'm thinking about getting two cosplays... I want a Kairi/Aqua cosplay too since i found them on a site and they don't cost like 200$/150€ ;--;) 

And also i'm excited for all the random stuff and plushies i'll buy 8D <3 (Luffy, Roxas + Grell plushies FTW!!)

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24 November 2010 @ 08:14 pm
 ... annoying when someone stares the whole time when you're in your class and want to do your homework.
... annoying when the said boy don't realize that i wave him because he stares the whole time and i'm like: i know that you stare at me.... so stop staring!
... annoying when one of my friends laughs her ass off because she have the most freaky and scary laugh ever.
... annoying how i don't learn anything when i always say how lazy i am and don't fix anything about it.
... annoying when my class mate is jealous because i get better grades than her and she's pissed of because of that.
... annoying that i don't have that much time like last year because i meet like everyday, my friends.
...annoying that everytime i think my life is perfect, just some jerk steps in my life and ruins it.
... annoying that my dear school enemy can't get her ass out of my business.
... annoying that said enemy claims that my friends, even if they hate her, are her friends too. 
... annoying that my best guy friends actually try to flirt with me. 
... annoying that my art class is full of jerks. 

... and it's friggin annoying that i'm actually that annoyed that i wrote everything down .___.
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 never trust your parents when they will do you a favor and buy something with alcohol in it.
never trust your parents when they say it's like beer.
never trust yourself when it comes to alcohol and you think "Oh it's just beer i could drink 6 bottles without feeling anything".
never trust yourself when you think you can read and write something in english properbly when you just drunk something.

And read the alcohol content before you drink it like water.

lol, yes my life is being sarcastic again. my parents do me a favor and then i'll get dizzy because i drink it all at once . 
never drink alcohol without knowing the alcohol content of it! 

Seriously... .DON'T DO THAT.
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10 November 2010 @ 02:36 pm
 I told you all about the fact how happy I am just to finish everything yesterday.


dear life, why are you so sarcastic to me?
just say that you hate me. 
it's a way easier then make it hard like that lol.
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09 November 2010 @ 08:19 pm
 I only have to finish my homework for maths =v='
but the good thing is that my friend visited me today and gave me her homework, so i'll just copy them and make some mistakes~

And I finished my friggin german homework
(this book + 13 pages full with what i read ithinkmyteacherwilllovemeforsomeyaoifanfics XD and full with the talk about the book o3o) 

Gosh, I'm soo relieved that I did everything today.. Finally...
After 3 months :'D

i really have to fix my lazieness... ~

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